Small Business Owners

Find small business insurance in three easy steps.

1. Compare real plans before signing up

Small Business Owners

Use our NM SHOP Compare tool to search for health insurance coverage that meets your employee's needs and fits your budget. Compare Small Business Enrollment Plans*You do not enroll using this tool.

2. Find one-on-one help for small business owners in your community

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3. Find answers on this site

Use our insurance dictionary or find answers in theFAQs.

I'm ready to enroll my business.

Great, make sure you have these items before applying.

Details about your business

  • EIN#
  • Average employee salary

Information for each employee

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Home Address
  • Marital status & number of dependent children (if enrolling them)
  • Unique phone number - cellphone that can receive texts or landline that they answer personally
  • Unique email address - Cannot match any other company email

Fill out an application on SHOP.nmhix.comApply Now

Do you wish to appeal a SHOP decision?

If you believe any decisions about your eligibility are incorrect, you can file an appeal. Call SHOP support staff to begin your appeal process at 1-800-204-4700.

Milestones For Small Business

Small businesses can enroll all year long on a rolling basis.

  • Employer has the first ten days of the month to pick a provider and plans.
  • Employee then has 21 days to choose from those plans.
  • Health insurance coverage starts the first day of the third month.

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