Deadline Quickly Approaches to Receive Low-Cost Health Insurance

Albuquerque, N.M. (August 2, 2021) – BeWellnm, the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange, announces the final two weeks of the Special Enrollment Period providing New Mexicans with health insurance at reduced costs.  People who enroll at before 11:59 p.m. on August 15, 2021 have the opportunity to receive health insurance at little or no cost.  Qualified New Mexicans can even select zero-dollar health insurance plans as part of the Special Enrollment Period.

“With less than two weeks left of the Special Enrollment Period, we encourage all New Mexicans without health insurance or those who want a more affordable plan to enroll at  People can also meet with a certified enrollment counselor or broker at no charge,” said Maureen Manring, director of communication and outreach for beWellnm.  “Our goal is to provide all New Mexicans with affordable health insurance.  Individuals who make less than $20,000 per year could qualify for plans without a monthly premium.  Thousands of New Mexicans qualify for savings, but they must enroll in the health insurance marketplace by August 15.”  All health plans cover the 10 essential benefits such as doctor visits, hospital stays, maternity care, emergency room care, prescriptions, and more.  Federal law and regulations provide protections against preexisting condition exclusions in health insurance coverage.  Health plans must permit New Mexicans to enroll regardless of health status, age, gender, or other factors that may predict the use of health services.

Under the Special Enrollment Period, tens of thousands of New Mexicans are eligible to receive financial assistance and four-out-of-five can select a plan for less than $10.  “If you are currently uninsured, already signed up for coverage with beWellnm, or receiving coverage from a former employer’s health insurance plan through COBRA, this is now the time to enroll and save.  BeWellnm’s team of certified assisters are available to explain the new health insurance financial assistance to help you find the most affordable plan available and take advantage of the reductions,” said Manring.

The beWellnm team of certified enrollment counselors, agents, and brokers are free.  They are always available to help those in need review and explain their health insurance options through telephone assistance or virtual appointments at (833) 862-3935 or online by visiting

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 About beWellnm, New Mexico’s Health Insurance Exchange

BeWellnm was created to help individuals and small businesses get access to affordable health insurance plans. BeWellnm helps consumers compare health insurance plans and choose the plan that works best for their health needs and budget. BeWellnm also helps individuals determine whether they are eligible for premium assistance and if so, at what level. Through beWellnm for Small Business, small businesses are able to purchase competitively priced health insurance plans and offer their employees the ability to choose from an array of plans. Enrollment Counselors and insurance agents are available throughout the state to help with signing up for health insurance.

 To find more information on beWellnm, New Mexico’s Health Insurance Exchange, visit or call us at 1-833-ToBeWell.