Week 6 Open Enrollment Update

Below you will find a summary of the Open Enrollment Period through week 6.  The overview includes, but is not limited to:

  • application
  • plan selections
  • new enrollees
  • enrollees renewing coverage
  • customer engagement center volume
  • website traffic


In week six of the 2022 Open Enrollment Period, approximately 39,200 New Mexicans have a plan selection.  In an effort to ensure the accuracy of all numbers, new consumers and re-enrollees are not being reported on this week.  A return of these fields is anticipated soon.

As a reminder, passive enrollees were handled earlier for this year to support the transition from Healthcare.gov to New Mexico’s solution.  This offers additional time for payment to ensure that New Mexicans who have a plan stay covered.  Individuals can still shop, compare, and change their plan.

Final numbers, where accounts have been reviewed for errors or duplication, will be reported at the appropriate time after Open Enrollment.

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