Find a doctor who’s right for you

If you’re new to health insurance or you just renewed your coverage for another year, be sure find a doctor who works with your health plan. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Look up doctors in your plan’s network. Visit your health insurance company’s website to view a Provider Directory. Or call the insurance company to ask about providers in the plan’s network. Find out more about why it’s helpful to choose a provider in the network. 
  • Choose a primary care provider (PCP). A PCP is a general doctor who takes care of your health and can refer you to a specialist as needed. A PCP can coordinate your care and help navigate the health services you need. It can be beneficial to build a relationship with a PCP who understands your particular health needs.
  • Narrow your search by location and office hours. Check for providers in your community and consider travel time and transportation to your appointments. Call the doctor’s office or view the clinic hours online to ensure the hours of operation work with your schedule.
  • Check for languages spoken. If you speak a language other than English, you may want to search for a doctor who speaks your language.
  • Find the right fit for your needs. Doctors have different communication and caregiving styles, and it’s important to feel comfortable with your doctor. Ask family and friends if they can recommend a doctor they know and trust.

Schedule a preventive care visit

Preventive care helps you stay healthy with the vaccines and screenings you and your family need. And it’s free! Don’t put it off. Plan your next doctor visit  now.