Are you up to speed on preventive care? Taking care of your health takes regular maintenance including checkups, screening tests and vaccinations. The good news? It’s free.

All health plans include preventive care services at no cost to you if you get your care from a provider in the network. Certain preventive services are free with no copays and no deductibles. That means all you have to do is schedule an appointment and show up! 

Seeing your doctor at least once a year helps you understand important numbers, make sure your prescriptions are correct, get screenings that can help save your life and make healthy choices.

Preventive care helps you stay healthy and identify health risks so you can take action. Here are examples of free preventive care through your plan’s network providers:

  • Annual well visits 
  • Screenings such as for blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Certain cancer screenings. These include colonoscopies (to detect colon cancer) and mammograms (to deduct breast cancer).
  • Some vaccines, including a yearly flu shot
  • Screenings for depression
  • Programs to help you quit smoking

Contact your health care provider to schedule the preventive health screenings that are appropriate for you, and check your health plan to find out what’s covered.

Additional resources on preventive care:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has information on recommended preventive services for adults, women and children. Find preventive health services based on your age and sex. Visit: includes information about preventive health services. View a full list of preventive services that are covered at no cost when delivered by a doctor in your plan’s network. Visit:

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