You may still be able to sign up.

What are your options now that the 2014 open enrollment deadline has passed?

Do you have a qualifying life event?

Marriage, divorce and birth are some of the events that open up enrollment options for you. See the full list and use our form tool to find out if your situation qualifies.

Find out if I qualify

Are you a Native American?

Native Americans can enroll anytime throughout the year. Even though the federal government provides care through Indian Health Services (IHS), plans through the Exchange expand on the scope and availability of what IHS can provide.

More about Native American options

Do you own a small business?

Those owning businesses with fewer than 50 employees can enroll all year long. Find a plan that meets your needs and fits your employee’s budgets today.

How to enroll a small business

Did you have trouble obtaining coverage or receive a denial?

You may still be able to enroll if you've experienced any of the following:

  • or Call Center errors, including a locked account.
  • Submitted a request by 3/31 and received a Medicaid denial after 4/15.
  • Submitted an application by 3/31 and expected to have 60 days to select a Qualifying Health Plan.
  • Enrolled before 3/31 but are not receiving subsidies you qualified for.
Find out if I qualify

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Our plan comparison tools are still available, too.

Whether you qualify to enroll now or just want to plan for next fall’s enrollment, you can use our NM Care Compare tools to find and compare real plans and prices before applying.

Individuals, Familes and Native Americans

See what insurance is available to you before signing up on (the federal government website). Our NM Care Compare tool has every plan available to New Mexicans. Compare Plans*You do not enroll using this tool.

Small Business Owners

Use our NM SHOP Compare tool to search for health insurance coverage that meets your employee's needs and fits your budget. Compare Small Business Enrollment Plans*You do not enroll using this tool.