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Meet the Board

BeWell is governed by a 13-member board of directors. Positions on the board are appointed by either the Governor’s Office or the New Mexico Legislature.

The next BeWell Board of Directors meeting will take place on July 26, 2024. The board meeting agenda and the most recently approved board meeting minutes are available to the public.

Governor Appointees

Headshot of Nandini Pillai Kuehn, Ph.D., M.H.A.

Nandini Pillai Kuehn, Ph.D., M.H.A.

Headshot of Brandon Frayer.

Brandon Fryar

Headshot of Mark Epstein.

Mark Epstein, M.D.

Headshot of Terriane Everhart

Terriane Everhart

Headshot of Jane Wishner.

Jane Wisher, J.D.

Legislative Appointees

Dan Foley

Headshot of Sharon Clahchischilliage.

Sharon Clahchischilliage

Headshot of C Quinn Lopez.

C. Quinn Lopez

Headshot of Anne Brennan Sapon.

Anne Brennan Sapon

Headshot of Nancy Jane Wright.

Nancy Jane Wright, M.D.

State Agency Representatives

Headshot of Alice Kane.

Alice T. Kane

Headshot of Kari Armijo.

Kari Armijo

Board Committees

Finance Committee
  • Brandon Fryar, Chair
  • Secretary of DHS or representative
  • Anne Sapon
  • Sharon Clahchischilliage

The finance committee meets regularly to ensure BeWell’s budget, expenditures and other financial needs are in order. This committee also reviews proposed contracts with financial impacts and the yearly financial audit.

Operations Committee
  • Dan Foley, Chair
  • Mark Epstein, M.D.
  • Terriane Everhart
  • Quinn Lopez
  • Jane Wishner
  • Nancy Wright, M.D.

The operations committee reviews the current operations of BeWell to guide and advise. This committee also hears about call center operations and satisfaction surveys of customers.

Outreach and Education Committee
  • Mark Epstein, M.D., Chair
  • Terriane Everhart
  • Nandini Kuehn
  • Quinn Lopez
  • Jane Wishner

The outreach and education committee hears about the efforts to communicate and support the community through targeted outreach efforts. This committee also sees marketing and branding materials for BeWell.

Native American Standing Committee
  • Terriane Everhart
  • Nandini Kuehn
  • Quinn Lopez
  • Anne Sapon
  • Nancy Wright, MD

The Native American standing committee reviews and advises on Native American outreach and enrollment efforts.

Executive Committee
  • Nandini Kuehn, Chair
  • Anne Sapon, Vice Chair
  • Brandon Fryar, Treasurer
  • Secretary of DHS or representative
  • OSI Superintendent or representative

The executive committee focuses on high-level and strategic changes led by the CEO.

Health Benefits Committee

Committee Members:

  • OSI Superintendent or representative
  • Brandon Fryar
  • Nandini Kuehn
  • Anne Sapon
  • Jane Wishner

Each insurer selling health insurance plans on BeWell is required to offer standardized plan designs, in addition to their other offerings. The Health Benefits Committee researches and designs the standardized plan options.These are called Clear Cost Plans.

Under BeWell’s Plan of Operations, the Board of Directors must approve any standardized health plans at the January board meeting for the following plan year. For example, the Board must approve standardized health plans for the 2025 Plan Year in January of 2024.

You can view the final standardized health plan requirements for the 2024 plan year or for the 2025 plan year. You can view the actuarial value screenshots.

Other Committees

Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee is a collaborative group of representatives from various interest groups directly affected by the activities of BeWell. This committee provides valuable feedback, insights, and recommendations from diverse perspectives and considers the impacts on all stakeholders involved.

Native American Advisory Committee

The Native American Advisory Committee provides counsel and recommendations to BeWell on issues related to Native American communities, cultures, and interests. Its role is to ensure that the voices and perspectives on Indigenous peoples are considered in decisions that affect their rights, lands, and heritage, promoting respectful collaboration and informed policy-making.

Board Transparency

The Board of Directors meets on the third Friday of every other month. The Standing Committees meet regularly throughout the year. You can view the full meeting schedule below.

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