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Welcome to the BeWell Transparency Portal. At BeWell, we believe in transparency and in providing the public, stakeholders and partners with clear information about the Marketplace. This portal is designed to foster our operating principles of integrity, transparency and public accountability. 

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Sunshine Portal Information

The sections below provide information in compliance with New Mexico’s Sunshine laws. Take a moment to review our Procurement Policy and our Code of Conduct. Below you will find information on our expenditures, budget and contracts.

Finance and Budget Information

See information about the operating budget of the New Mexico Health Insurance Marketplace.

Financial Statement Audit Reports:

CMS Programmatic Audit Reports

Annual Operating Budgets


See copies of contracts entered into by the New Mexico Health Insurance Marketplace for goods and services exceeding $20,000.

Service TypeVendorAmounts Expended to DateExpiration Date
Software / computer supportAbba Technologies$153,63312/31/24
Legal Bardacke Allison, LLP$257,3354/30/24
Privacy and security auditBerryDunn$148,38412/31/24
Outreach and enrollment Constellation Consulting, LLC$59,41212/31/24
Printing and mailingDigiPros (Horizons of New Mexico)$2,456,46212/31/24
AdvertisingEsparza Advertising, Inc. $110,32912/31/24
Individual marketplace solution hCentive, Inc. / Optum$19,544,96812/31/24
Office leaseJCC One, LLC$1,155,3063/31/29
MarketingK2MD, Inc.$476,77212/31/24
Lobbyist Park & Associates$8,62012/31/24
Financial and programmatic audit REDW, LLC$01/31/26
Social media strategyStamats Communications, Inc. $130,21812/31/24
Outreach and enrollmentTaos Health Systems, Inc. $27,13212/31/24
Billboard marketing programTerraboost Media Operating Co., LLC$20,00010/31/24
Messaging services (marketing and outreach campaigns)Trumpia (DoCircle, Inc.)$46,25310/16/24
Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA)

The BeWell team is committed to providing access to public records in an efficient and responsible manner. To make an inspection of public records request, please email the Records Custodian or mail requests to:

Records Custodian
7601 Jefferson St. NE, Ste. 120
Albuquerque, NM 87109


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