beWellnm Mission and History

beWellnm is New Mexico’s Health Insurance Exchange. It’s a marketplace where New Mexicans can learn about health insurance, compare plans and get ready to enroll. 

If you don’t have health insurance, we’re here to help you get covered. You may be able to get a health plan through the Exchange if you:

  • Live in New Mexico
  • Are not covered by an affordable health plan through work
  • Are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid

beWellnm for Small Business helps small businesses and nonprofit organizations provide health coverage to their employees.


Our history

The Exchange was created by state law in 2013 to help people get affordable health care coverage and is governed by a 13-member board. Our goal is to help New Mexicans find affordable health insurance that fits their needs Enabling Legislation.


Our mission

Educate and enroll New Mexicans in affordable health insurance coverage through beWellnm that promotes better access to timely, high quality healthcare.  

Delivering on our mission

Click the links below to find information that illustrates how beWellnm is working to deliver on our mission.

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