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Health Plan How-To’s

Find answers to real-life questions about coverage and care options.

High-quality health insurance may not cost you a penny with beWellnm! Use this Health Insurance 101 guide to get the coverage you need today.

What do paleta and health insurance have in common? You’ve got to compare options to make the best choice.

Open Enrollment starts Nov. 1 in New Mexico, but you can get health insurance sooner through Special Enrollment if you’ve lost Medicaid.

NAPA. APTC. Cost-sharing. What does it all mean? For Native Americans in New Mexico, it means you have a lot of options to get no-cost to low-cost health insurance with beWellnm! See how you could save hundreds of dollars a year on quality health insurance and get no-cost help to enroll today.

Health insurance companies use a lot of strange words to describe their services. Use this dictionary to make it easier to shop for a plan.

Are you confused about renewing Medicaid? Starting March 31, 2023, all New Mexicans must renew their Medicaid online or by phone—or risk losing coverage. Let us help you get the coverage you need! See the steps to renew or replace Medicaid with a low- or no-cost health insurance plan. 

You’ve signed up for health insurance—congratulations! But what happens next? See these four important steps to make sure you get the best use of your insurance benefits.

Adulting is hard—health insurance doesn’t have to be! Take a tour of a Summary of Benefits and Coverage statement and see how to understand your plan.

Hey, did you know health insurance can do that? We’ll share 3 truths about healthcare that may surprise you—and that you need to know about.And, if you lost your Medicaid coverage and can’t get health insurance from your job, no need to stress! BeWellnm makes it easy to get affordable health insurance and stay covered

Recently lost Medicaid? Looking for new health insurance? Join us at an enrollment event near you to sign up for affordable health insurance! Our Certified Assister squad will be on the scene, connecting you with 1:1 help to get enrolled, at no cost to you. See what to expect and what to bring to get the most out of your enrollment experience.

Health insurance shopping made easy? You bet your
pockets! See how Clear Cost Plans take the guesswork out of buying insurance.