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It’s easier than ever to offer group health insurance through beWellnm!

There are exciting enhancements to beWellnm for Small Business! These new enhanced options are to support businesses and their employees by providing more flexibility and choice in budget friendly options!

  1. Employers have more options to choose from and their employees have a broader choice of coverages to select from. The employee is able to buy up or buy down, based on his/her budget and what is most appropriate for their family.
  2. Employers are able to cover any amount of the premium, based on their budget.
  3. Employers are able to contribute either a set dollar amount or percentage of the employees' premium.
  4. The percentage of employees who must participate to be eligible for coverage is reduced from 50% to zero percent.

Compare Small Business Health Insurance Plans

BeWellnm for Small Business offers competitively priced health plans that cover essential health benefits, as well as preventive care, with no pre-existing condition restrictions.

  1. The Employer can control how much they pay toward employee premiums.
  2. Choose a base plan for the employees. Then employees select any plan from four metal levels of coverage. Plans with the lowest premiums (bronze and silver levels) generally have higher out-of-pocket costs. Plans with higher premiums (gold and platinum levels) typically have lower out-of-pocket costs.
  3. The employees’ costs depend on the metal level they choose and the amount the employer decides to pay toward their premiums.

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Search for health insurance coverage available from participating insurers including Presbyterian Insurance Company, Presbyterian Health Plan and True Health of New Mexico. Compare plans now.