Already Enrolled in Small Business Insurance

It’s time to focus on managing your group health plan and making the most of employee coverage. Providing employees with educational materials and tools during open enrollment can help them make smart decisions about their health benefits. However, the need for education continues even after they sign up for coverage.


Managing Your Group Insurance Plan

  • Here are steps you can take to ensure the continued success of your small group plan:
  • Communicate with employees about enrollment steps and deadlines to ensure the process is completed on time. 
  • Make employer payments for premiums on schedule before the coverage effective date.
  • Inform employees about insurance cards and share details about enrolling in HSAs and other programs.
  • Review special enrollment periods for employees who have qualifying life events throughout the year.
  • Consider implementing wellness programs designed to improve health and keep health care costs down.
  • Talk to an agent or broker about ways to control health insurance costs now and in the future.

Health Insurance Education for Employees

When employees understand how their plan works, the costs involved and how to find an in-network provider, they’ll be better prepared to make the most of their health insurance.

  • Health insurance lingo can be intimidating. Help employees build their knowledge: Health Insurance Basics
  • Employees may not fully understand the costs they pay for health insurance, including employee-paid premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Share this page about managing costs: Health Insurance Costs
  • Employees may have questions about what’s covered by their plan. Encourage them to review plan details: Get to Know Your Health Plan
  • Employees often put off taking care of their health. Motivate them to manage health conditions: Healthy Infographics

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