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1. Interested in seeing a plan that works for you? 

Checkout the 2021 marketplace plans based on you and your families needs. 

2. Need help completing your application?

New Mexicans have options when choosing a health plan.  Start with a local expert: an agent, broker or enrollment counselor can work with you step by step through the enrollment process at no cost to you.

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3. Connect with an agent, broker or enrollment counselor

A certified agent or broker can help you find the best plan for you and guide you through enrollment. Hundreds of enrollment counselors are available at hospitals, clinics and schools throughout the state. Their services and help are free to you.

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How do they help?

A health insurance broker works closely with you and may act on your behalf. They may receive compensation from an insurance carrier, but not from you. An enrollment counselor can provide information to guide you through enrollment, but they can’t recommend a specific plan for you. Brokers and enrollment counselors are trained to help you:

  • Determine if you’re eligible for health insurance
  • Get help filling out forms
  • Find financial assistance
  • Answer your questions and concerns

Contact beWellnm with questions

Have questions about your options for health insurance? Call to speak with our enrollment counselors or call 1-833-862-3935 to schedule a meeting virtually or a phone enrollment.  We’re here to make sure you understand your options for health insurance. Call toll-free at 1-833-ToBeWell (1-833-862-3935), TTY: 1-855-851-2018.

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