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Clear Cost Plans: Health Insurance Shopping Just Got Easier

Have you ever bought clothes online? It’s hard to know by the picture or description that what you order will fit when you get it home. 

Sometimes you luck out, but sometimes you get a chic jacket that’s too tight or a super-cute dress that DOESN’T HAVE POCKETS. What’s worse, the same garment is five different prices on five different websites! 

You shouldn’t have to go through those shenanigans when it comes to buying health insurance. You deserve to see, quickly and easily, what insurance fits your household needs and what you can afford—no strings attached. 

Fortunately, the New Mexico state legislature agrees! They’ve given BeWell permission to design new, standardized Clear Cost Health Insurance Plans that help you in two ways: They’ll show you exactly what you’ll get when you buy—in words you can understand—AND they’ll reduce out-of-pocket costs for New Mexicans who qualify.

All Clear Cost Plans have the same out-of-pocket costs for covered benefits, like primary care and generic medication coverage. That means you don’t have to compare each benefit individually, and you can focus on what matters:

  • Plan quality: The best benefits for your buck
  • Network coverage: Which providers accept your insurance
  • Monthly premium: The amount you pay each month to have insurance

Starting in 2024, every insurance provider you’ll see on our marketplace will be required to give you clear information that lets you easily compare co-pays, the size of a plan’s provider network, and whether the plan is high-, low- or medium-quality. 

No more surprises! What you see is truly what you’ll get! Here’s a sneak peek at how Clear Costs Plans can make shopping for affordable insurance easier.

Fast Facts to Compare Plans

Clear Cost Plans will come with simple visuals like this one that help you easily compare differences between plans offered on the marketplace. For example, you’ll be able to quickly compare:

  • Co-pay levels: In fact, they’ll only list co-pays (fixed costs) and not co-insurance (percentage of the service costs)
  • Deductibles and out-of-pocket limits—there will be fewer to worry about
  • Services subject to a deductible—there will be fewer of these, too!

You’ll get an apples-to-apples comparison to help you decide which plan is best for your household’s health, and your wallet.

Saving Money for New Mexicans Who Qualify

Clear Cost Plans are designed to lower your out-of-pocket costs, streamline benefits, and simplify the work of choosing a health insurance plan. All these plans contain preferred and nonpreferred tiers for specialty medications for complex, chronic health problems like cancer and multiple sclerosis. That means even if you don’t make a lot of money, you’ll be able to get a plan that covers the medicine you need, even if there isn’t a generic alternative.

 All these plans cover primary care visits to treat injury or illness, speech therapy, and occupational and physical therapy. New Mexicans who qualify for Clear Cost Plans will also enjoy a $0 co-pay for:

  • Preventative care
  • Health screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Mental and behavioral health care

Clear Cost Plans were designed to help all New Mexicans—rural, urban, and in between—get affordable access to health care. By lowering out-of-pocket costs and standardizing the cost of specific benefits, we’re working to save you money and help your household stay healthy in 2024 and beyond. Now, if only they’d come up with something like this reliable and easy for buying clothes online!

Ready to shop for health insurance? Call 833-862-3935 today—our Certified Assisters can help you find an affordable plan that works for your life and budget.

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