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Dental Insurance Supports Your Overall Health  

Find Affordable Dental Coverage Options Through BeWell

Dental health—caring for your mouth, teeth, and gums—can make a big difference in your overall health. Small issues that start in the mouth can quickly become a whole-body problem if left untreated. More than 120 medical conditions can be detected in early stages by your dentist, including diabetes and heart disease. 

Having dental insurance and getting regular dental care makes it easier to stay on top of your health.  

While not all health insurance plans cover dental care, you can get an affordable standalone dental plan through BeWell marketplace carriers. Currently, BestLife and Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) offer individual/family standalone dental insurance.  

You can enroll in an individual or a family standalone dental plan through the BeWell marketplace, even if you have Medicare. Enroll any time throughout the year—there are no open or special enrollment periods like with health insurance.  

To find the best dental insurance for your needs, start by comparing available plans, estimated costs, waiting periods for specific services and what they cover.

In-market and out-of-market providers

The BeWell marketplace includes dental PPO (preferred provider organization) insurance plans. With a PPO, you can go to any dentist, but it is important to know whether your provider is in-network or out-of-network for your plan. 

Going to an in-network dental provider saves you money (sometimes, a lot). PPO plans pay for a greater percentage of your fees for most covered services from in-network providers. 

Provider networks vary by carrier and by plan. Check for in-network provider options before enrolling in a plan or scheduling dental appointments: 

Monthly Premiums

There is no tax credit or premium assistance for dental insurance. Although plans are offered at full cost, the BeWell marketplace offers affordable dental plans. Individual dental plan monthly premiums in 2024 range from $12 to $38. 

As you choose a plan, consider the monthly premium, deductibles, annual out-of-pocket maximums, services covered, and waiting periods. While dental insurance may seem expensive, staying on top of your dental health can save you money over time. 

What Dental Services Are Covered?

Dental plans available through the BeWell marketplace usually covers preventative, diagnostic and medically necessary oral health services. Cosmetic dental services like veneers and orthodontic care like braces are typically not covered with these plans. 

Every plan is different, so read your policy carefully to confirm what’s covered. Here are some examples of what may be covered by dental insurance through the BeWell marketplace. 

Basic Services: 

  • Exams 
  • Cleanings 
  • X-rays 

Intermediate Services: 

  • Fillings (porcelain or silver mixture) 
  • Tooth extraction (pulling) 
  • Anterior (front tooth) and posterior (back tooth) composites (resin fillings) 
  • Emergency palliative treatment (to relieve pain) 
  • Pathology (diagnosis and treatment of oral disease) 

Major Services: 

  • Fillings (gold) 
  • Bridges 
  • Crowns 
  • Artificial (or false) teeth 
  • Dentures (partial or complete) 
  • Implants (to restore chewing or support other teeth) 
  • Oral surgery 
  • Anesthesia administration (general or IV sedation) 
  • Periodontics (gum and jawbone treatment) 
  • Endodontics (treatment of an issue inside the tooth, such as a root canal) 

Additional Costs and Waiting Periods

There are out-of-pocket costs and waiting periods that vary by service and by plan. Review these plan brochures for coverage details: 

BeWell is the only Marketplace in New Mexico that offers no-cost help to enroll in dental insurance. Make an appointment with a Certified Assister or call 833-To-BeWell to get help signing up today. 

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