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Enrolled… Now What?

So, You’re Enrolled in a Health Plan! Now What?

Whew—you did it! You’ve enrolled in a health insurance plan through BeWell. That’s a great step toward taking care of your health. Now that the challenging part is over, it’s almost time to start using your plan.

Here are a few next steps to help you get the most out of your coverage.

1. Watch for Your Cards in the Mail

You will get your membership materials—your ID card and a Summary of Benefits explaining your plan—in the mail from your health insurance provider. The cards might come in a plain envelope for security purposes. So, keep an eye out!

The card will include your plan number, name and the type of insurance you have. When you get the card, make sure your name is spelled correctly and the other information is right. If you need to make changes, call us at 833-862-3935 to get help.

If you had an old insurance card that you won’t need anymore, you can throw it away. Keep your new card in your purse or wallet where you can easily access it.

You might also get a digital version of your insurance card. This can be helpful because you can share it easily with the people on your plan. Check your email and membership materials for the digital card and store it in your phone, computer or in the cloud so you can access and share it from anywhere.

2. Let Your Doctors Know You Have Insurance

Take the insurance card to your doctor visits and to the pharmacy so you can use your plan benefits. Many clinics and pharmacies will ask for your card at each visit. If they don’t ask for your card, show it to them. They might take a copy to keep on file for quicker service at future visits.

Show your card at Indian Health Service or Tribal Health Center visits, too. When you use your insurance at these clinics, the insurance company pays money to the clinic. That means the clinic has more available money to take care of people in the community.

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3. Pay Your Monthly Premium

Your monthly premium is the money you pay each month to keep your insurance coverage. The amount you pay each month will depend on several things, including how much money you make each year, your tax household and the plan you choose.

Soon after getting enrolled, you will get a bill for your monthly premium. Pay your first monthly premium by the 23rd of the month. Starting with your second payment, your premium will be due by the last day of each month.

There are a lot of ways to pay your monthly premium:

  • Recurring payments: Sign up online to have your payment charged automatically to a debit or credit card each month. Or enter your bank information one time for the payment to come out of your bank account (ACH) each month.
  • Online payments: Manually pay your premium every month online with a debit or credit card. Or enter your bank information every month to make a single ACH payment.
  • Pay by phone: Call 833-862-3935 (TTY: 711). Choose 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. Then choose option 4 to make a payment by phone.
  • Pay by mail: Send a check, cashier’s check or money order (do not send cash) along with the payment slip from your monthly statement to: New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange, PO Box 26508, Albuquerque, NM 87125-6508.

Learn more about ways to pay your premium.

4. Save Details and Contact Information for Your Plan

One of the membership items you’ll get in the mail will be your Summary of Benefits. This is a simplified overview of what your plan covers and what you can expect to pay. Save the Summary of Benefits with your other important papers. That way, you can easily refer to it if you get injured or sick.

It’s a good idea to save the BeWell phone number to your phone if you have questions or concerns. Our number is 833-862-3935 (TTY 711). You might want to save our email address (help@nmhix.com) and bookmark our website on Google or your preferred internet browser.

To get helpful health insurance information throughout the year, sign up for our monthly newsletter below. We’ll send you the latest news and updates by email.

You made a smart choice for your health by choosing a health plan through BeWell. Our helpful customer service team is standing by if you have questions or concerns about your plan. Call 833-862-3935 today or fill out an online form to get help today!

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